Lost/Found Pets

Check here if you found an animal that is not yours or if you have lost you loved animal. We may be able to put you in contact with the owner who is desperately looking for their loved one or the person who found your pet. You can call us at 955-5656 or email us at noah.lindner@alphamediausa.com If you have contacted us with the lost or found pet, please let us know if the pet has been returned to the loving family so that caring people aren’t still out looking for them.

MISSING DOG – Andy 11/3

Our dog Andy a Boxer mix, went missing around 1pm today, November 3rd. He is about 7 years old. We live Southwest of Moorland.

LOST – Dog 10/4/19

A female dog was lost on October 4th, 2019, in the Coleman District. Her family is missing her very much!

FOUND – Two Dogs 10/2/19

Two dogs, possibly bonded, were found today on Division Street just outside of Fort Dodge. Both of them have collars as well. One of

FOUND – Bulldog

A male, intact bulldog was found on October 1st. He is white and gray in color, and a very intelligent boy, and has no


A mostly black male, neutered cat was found on the 300 block of Avenue C in Fort Dodge. He is front declawed, so he

LOST DOG – Milo 9/22/19

Milo is about 2 years old and was lost on Sept. 22 2019 by Snell Crawford Park in Fort Dodge, IA.  If seen call


A female litter-trained cat was found in Fort Dodge recently. She has a collar but no microchip, and is dark colored with white markings


A cat was recently lost named Fern. She has a pink collar with a bow on it, the owners live in the Greenbriar area

LOST DOG – Louie 8/4

Louie is a yellow male Shih Tzu who was lost on the side of town by the old track and Dodger Tap. He is

FOUND – Black Cat – 7/29

A Male Black Cat was found wearing a sparkly red collar with a bell on July 29th. He is not neutered, and was found

FOUND – Pitbull – 7/29

A brindle female Pitbull puppy was found on the 400 block of North 10th Street in Fort Dodge. She was found wearing a green

FOUND – Pitbull – 7/28

A black and white Pitbull was found on South 19th street. He is not neutered, and has no tag or collar. He has been

FOUND – Beagle July 27th

A Male neutered Beagle was found near 350th street, just outside of Fort Dodge. He has a shock collar as well as a regular

FOUND – Boxer/Pit mix

A Fawn and White colored Boxer or Pit mixed female dog was found out in the county on Richmill Road. She has no collar,


Cash is a 5 year old German Shepherd. He was possibly last seen by the Fort 8 Theatre. If you see him, please call

Missing Yorkie – July 6th

One year old Yorkie named Minnie.  She is microchipped.  Last seen with a pink and purple collar with a purple harness.  Her owners took

Lost Beagle – 7/2

Lost male beagle, west side of Fort Dodge. Last seen around noon 7/2. If you see or have him please call 515-570-7241

FOUND DOG – Pitbull

On June 7th, late in the afternoon, a male brindle pitbull was found on the 1200 block of 3rd Avenue NW in Fort Dodge.

LOST CAT – 6/4/19

Lost female cat. Tiger stripes, declawed and fixed. Lost near 6th Ave North and 20th Street a few blocks from Saint Edmonds. Please call

LOST Pomeranian- Poodle

She ran off from home yesterday 5/15/19 on S 18th St. She normally doesn’t go very far. If found, please call 319-830-6310

Black Cocker Spaniel

Black Cocker Spaniel, found on North 9th Street. He was picked up on Sunday, May 12th. He was recently groomed. He can be found

Young Chocolate Lab Mix

Young Chocolate Lab Mix found at National Gypsum, found on the 9th of May. This dog can be found at Town and Country in

Casper 5/2/19

Casper is a missing cat that got out of the doggy door at his house.  Casper is gray with a white belly.  He was

LOST DOGS 2/26/19

Lost 1 mile north of Badger on Blacktop, 2 Great White Pyrenees mix dogs, (pups) 16 months old, females, inseparable, white.  They walked over

LOST DOG! 2/25/19

Panda went missing on Thursday, February 21st near Senior High School in Fort Dodge.   She is an 8 month old black and white

FOUND CAT! 1/17/2019

There was a gray and black striped cat found near Mediacom and Sacred heart church in Fort Dodge.  The cat is female and is


There is a MISSING CAT named Pumpkin.  Pumpkin is an orange medium haired male cat.  He is also neutered.  Pumpkin has been missing for

Lost Dog!!! 12/3/2018

There is a lost female dog named, Khloe, last seen in the Bob Town area of Fort Dodge.  Khloe is a black and white

FOUND KITTY!!! 10/23/18

Young Adult cat Male Grey Tabby found at 21st & 14th Ave South by Olsen Park. He is Not declawed and very very friendly

LOST DOG!!! 10/18/18

Vinny, a Yorkie Mix looks more like a Yorkie, went missing around 11:30am Wednesday 10/17 from Rolling Hill Drive by the Sports Page. He

LOST DOG!!! 10/17/18

Gypsie, a Black Lab Pointer Mix, has gone missing. Gypsie is all black with some white on the chest. If you have seen Gypsie,

LOST CAT!!! 9/18/18

Help! Sox went missing from my parent’s house just west of the former Rabiner Treatment Center Saturday night. Very friendly and vocal cat. Gray

FOUND DOG!!! 9/12/18

OH no…I seem to have gotten lost. My new friends think I recently had puppies. I am female brindle pitty they think. I found

FOUND DOG!!! 9/11/18

HELP!! I’m super cute my new friends at the pound say i remind them of Toto from the Wizard of Oz. I’m a male

LOST CAT!!! 7/30/18

Dandy, a male Orange Tortiseshell, went missing from his home at 209 South 12th Street in Fort Dodge a couple of days ago. He

FOUND DOG!!! 7/21/18

A black and white puppy was found on 1st Ave N between 20th and 21st. He seemed afraid of his surroundings but is very

LOST CAT!! 7/20/18

Koko got out last night and her family hasn’t been able to find her anywhere. They live in Manson and Koko is a small

LOST DOG!!! 4/26/18

Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix missing. She was being taken to Town & Country Vet to be groomed and a big dog came out as she

LOST DOG!!! 4/6/18

White Fluffy Dog with Brown Ears went missing at the 1000 Block of 7th Ave North His name is Bear and he is greatly

LOST DOG!!! 4/2/18

I have a 8 year old black lab, named Max, wearing an orange collar. Taken from his leash on the west side of Ft

FOUND DOGS!!! 3/30/18

2 Pitbull Mix’s found by Westside. 1 dark brown 1 Fawn color. Contact Chris Vance on Facebook to claim.

LOST DOG!!! 3/12/18

Our blue Merle Australian shepherd went missing Saturday night, 3/10/18.  Last seen on Fairbanks Avenue (P29), one mile north of Highway 7, between Barnum

MISSING DOGS!!! 2/18/18

On Sunday, February 18th, two dogs went missing by 2290 170th St. Last saw at the cemetery. German Shepard and a Red Coonhound. Shred

LOST DOG!!! 12/31/17

We lost our Jack Russell Terrier this afternoon. Her name is Sophia. We live by Saint Edmonds. She has a purple collar on with

MISSING DOGS!! 12/28/17

Sean and Chasity Utley’s dogs went missing yesterday. Male Rottweiler Black/Tan named Ruger No Collar Female Pitt Mix Black with a white chest and

MISSING DOG – 12/20/17

Our dog Charley went missing and we haven’t been able to find her. She is a Bichon Poodle weighing 10-12 lbs, tan in color,

MISSING DOG!!! 10/13/17

Rosie, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Mix, is a year and a half old and has a pink collar with a Rabies tag. She was in

MISSING DOG!!! 10/11/17

Buddy, a 6 month old brown German Wire Haired Pointer with a white patch on his chest, went missing from his yard in the

LOST DOG!!! 9/26/17

Unfortunately, Jersey the Havapoo went missing at 10th Avenue North, across from the High School. She is mostly grey and looks like a mini

FOUND KITTEN!!! 9/18/17

A little kitten was found off of G Street behind the hospital close to Riveside School. Very young grey kitten, they think it is

LOST CAT!!! 9/5/17

Bali was last seen in Alphabet Land as Bali’s family lives on Avenue B. If any information, please contact Mr Powell at 515-227-6926.

FOUND DOGS!!! 9/5/17

Two male dogs, one brindle color pit and one black put lab were found on Saturday, September 2nd going by Hawley Lions Park on

FOUND DOG!!! 9/1/17

This dog was found roaming around a backyard that was not his. He was fed and is now leashed up. He still has on

LOST DOG!!! 9/1/17

He ran off yesterday morning around the flatts area. His name is Pepper and a very affectionate dog that wouldn’t harm a fly. Please

MISSING DOG!!! 8/31/17

Tucker has gone missing from his home on South 15th Street in the Butler School area. He is 1/2 Shi Tzu 1/2 Poodle. He

LOST CAT!!! 8/31/17

Theo went missing on South 22nd Street in the afternoon on 8/30/17. He is a long haired tabby cat. Very fluffy. If you have

FOUND CAT!! 8/8/17

A Tortoise colored (black, brown & Gold) female cat was found at 8 ½ Avenue North. Please call 515-955-6047 to bring her home. They have it

FOUND DOG!!! 7/6/17

A female white & black Pit, mostly white. Wearing a thick red collar dragging a yellow rope that looks broke and it appears she has

FOUND CAT!!! 7/3/17

Grey female Tabby, who has been front declawed, was found at the 1600 block of 9th Avenue North with no collar. If she is your missing

FOUND DOGS!!! 7/3/17

3 dogs were found and brought into Town & Country Vet Clinic in Fort Dodge. If one of these dogs is your missing pets,

MISSING DOG!!! 7/3/17

A male German Shepherd has been missing since last weekend from the Round Prairie Area. He is 5 years old, fixed and was wearing

Lost Dog!!!

Missing Since Sunday June 25th at 8:15pm from 6miles North of Bode. A 1 year old Yellow Lab female with a red collar she

LOST DOG!!! 6/15/17

A female Black Lab wearing a white and black leopard collar named Bella was lost around the St. Edmond area. If you have seen

MISSING DOG!!! 6/12/17

A light brown with white colored female Papion went missing from the Oleson Park area on Friday, June 9th around Noon. Lily was wearing

MISSING CAT – 6/6/17

A female Grey Tabby cat named Millie has been missing since Monday from her home in the Round Prairie area. If you have seen

MISSING CAT!!! 4/19/17

A female Calico cat with white on all four of her paws and on her nose went missing from her home on Rathamel Drive.

LOST DOG!!! 3/27/17

A mostly black with some tan female German Rottweiler went missing from her home in the middle of the night last night. She is

LOST DOG!!! 3/20/17

Annie got out of her yard on Saturday evening, a block from Cooper School. She is a white Bischon mix weighing in at 8lbs.,

LOST DOG!!! 2/1/17

A black and white Teacup Shi Tzu has gone missing from her home on the 1600 block of 2nd Avenue South here in Fort

LOST DOG!!! 1/25/17

A 3 year old male Red Bone Coonhound when missing from his home in the Vincent area yesterday. He was last seen wearing two

LOST CAT!!! 1/3/16

She is probably about 8 years old, grey and black tabby cat with white paws, white on chest and a little white on her

FOUND KITTEN!!! 12/28/16

A striped kitten around 4-6 months old was found. If this may be your missing kitten, please call 515-269-7719.

FOUND DOG!!! 12/2/16

Found on South River Road the evening of Thursday, December 1st near the water treatment plant, what looks to be a older Rat Terrier,

LOST CAT!!! 11/15/16

A white male Manx cat with no tail and blue eyes went missing from his home at North 13th Street and Johnson Place last

FOUND CAT!!! 10/17/16

An all white female cat was found on the 1200 block of 9th Avenue North. It seems as she has been around that area

LOST DOG!!! 10/13/16

A female Cairn Terrier has gone missing from her home in the 900 block of 6th Avenue North this afternoon. She is Wheaton in

LOST DOG!!! 10/10/16

A brown and white male Pekingese was take out of his front yard in Coleman District yesterday. He was in the front yard secured

LOST DOG!!! 9/27/16

A little male brown Weiner Dog went missing from his home a block West of Cooper School last night and has not returned. Rudy

LOST DOG!!! 9/22/16

A brindle colored male Shorty Bull named Dozer has gone missing from his home in the South 22nd Street area of Fort Dodge last

LOST CAT!!! 9/12/16

LOST: Friendly, full-grown adult, neutered male cat that is light gray in color. His name is “Corky”, and a reward of $75 will be

LOST DOG!!! 9/7/16

A white and pumpkin colored German Shorthair Pointer named Summer went missing on Monday from her home in Fonda. She is a fat dog

LOST DOG!!! 8/2/16

A brindle male Boxer has gone missing from his home in the Livermore area since yesterday at 4:00pm. His name is Tyson and he

LOST CAT!!! 7/12/16

Prince, who is a white male cat with greyish spots on his head, back and tail, was let out on July 10th like usual

LOST PUPPY!!! 6/22/16

A 8 month old puppy went missing from his yard at 5:30pm last night. Poppi, a male Dauchsund Chihuahua Mix, was wearing at blue

LOST DOG!!! 6/20/16

A medium sized light brown, almost tan, female Wire Hair Terrier named Toffee went missing from her home in Dakota City on Sunday. She

LOST DOG!!! – 6/6/16

A male black Mastiff has gone missing and his family has been trying to find him. They said that he usually heads to USG

Lost/Found Pets

Check here if you found an animal that is not yours or if you have lost you loved animal. We may be able to